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My virginia is very itchy,has little sores around it and some thick white smelly discharge comes out, sometimes bleeding. Should I see a doctor? I was quite worried about Vaginal Discharge as I'm 11 and showing all the symptoms that I'm about to get my first period, so thanks for clearing this up for me! One doctor tried to give me antidepressants as if that would help. I hav this sticky mass of brownish discharge and a painless lump on my vulva coupled with an itching tha lingered for 3 years. Now its like maybe 2xs a week because sex kinda feels uncomfortable now. I took antibiotics which lead to a bad case of thrush..
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My menstrual blood is thick and sticky,my breasts discharge a watery liquid and i feel pains in my tummy and sharp pains on the side of my tummy and something like bubbles bursting,what could be the problem? A word now, about my pal Chuckles: I have really really bad discharge it gets very smelly down their its really really unpleasant am too embarrassed to see my doctor I really want to stop it is their any treatments or advice you can give me to stop it, its extremley unpleasant and very embarrassing please help. I have also never heard que te folle un pez…do they say it in the north? Is it crazy enough to work? I learned this the hard way after getting in a big screaming fight with one of my roommates 2 years ago about how washing dishes means less cockroaches. My boyfriend said he smell like a rotten odor when we first start having sex but he said he don't smell anything when he have oral sex with me just when he put it in and start having sex..
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I told my doctor all of this too in case he has other patients on Tri-Sprintec or another form of it. Please what the cause? If you have a fishy smelling discharge then this can be a sign of Bacterial vaginosis which again is easily treated. I have never had this before and the only other strange thing i am noticing is my breasts are swollen and tender and this normally doesnt happen until a week b4 my period! Yeast infections are very common and can come from sexual activty or as ive experienced from simply sitting around in a wet swimming costume on holiday. Now it his stopped see normal discharge now.
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Each piece measures 9. Suggs Bronko Nagurski Award T. It's all the time everytime I go to te toilet and wipe myself. I wish I had though twice about playing in the bubble machine! I have noticed that everytime i take an antibiotic, i get this terribly smelling discharge from my vagina. I just need to know what I can do is their anything I can buy or any kind of drink to help with this?
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